Become an Intuitive ETI® Therapist

The ETI® Intuitive Therapist

Anyone can open up their extrasensory perceptions and develop their intuition. It is a gift of life available to everyone.

However, it is quite another thing to become a true therapist. This requires the development of several qualities, knowledge and openness which are essential to offer optimal support.

The ETI Intuitive Therapy School offers serious education in the form of a complete and diversified curriculum, allowing you to develop the qualities, values and practical knowledge making you an extraordinary therapist recognized for its effectiveness.

This is why ETI® Intuitive Therapy is a registered trademark: in order to attest to the quality and seriousness of the training, as well as the recognition of therapists certified by the school.

Les parcours de formation de l’ETI vous offrent un socle complet pour devenir un Thérapeute Intuitif.

Devenir thérapeute intuitif suppose non seulement de devenir un thérapeute, professionnel de la relation d’aide, mais également d’être à même d’utiliser dans le cadre de son accompagnement la Thérapie Intuitive.

Pour devenir Thérapeute Intuitif, il faut donc développer certaines qualités, acquérir des connaissances précises et bénéficier d’un entraînement pratique avec suivi personnalisé.

Au cours de votre formation, vous développerez :

Fundamental human and therapeutic knowledge

You will be able to grasp the full value of therapeutic work in the helping relationship, its challenges, its strengths and its weaknesses. You will learn about ethics and deontology.

You will acquire a holistic vision of humans, combining the different dimensions of their existence (physical, energetic, emotional, mental), allowing a true understanding of the issues, conflicts and symptoms. You will have integrated a capacity to propose real and concrete transformations.

You will have access to the necessary knowledge in psychology, psychopatholology, therapeutic framework, methodology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, not only to allow you to respond to all requests and all types of patients / clients but also to know when to refer the patient / client to a doctor suited to their case.

Qualities of being essential

Caring for people in a therapeutic setting requires great clarity of heart and mind. Indeed, this framework must be entirely benevolent, centered on the non-judgment and the opening of the heart, on the conscience and the engagement.

During the training, you will be able to release and transform everything that prevents you from being fully aware, loving, caring and non-judgmental towards others. This will allow you to provide a completely neutral space for your patient / client in which they can feel safe. You will also free your fears, your lack of joy and optimism, as well as the flaws in your personal commitment, which will allow you to live your job in the best possible conditions.

Your extrasensory perceptions and your intuition

The ETI® Intuitive Therapy tool calls on the development of our extrasens, that is to say everything that allows us to read effectively in the informational field of the person. Today we know that we have a physical body but also subtle bodies which are also endowed with a sense of perception (see ancestral medicines such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda).

The sense of sight will allow the development of clairvision; the sense of hearing will allow the development of clairaudience; the kinesthesic sense will allow us to develop clairvoyance or empathy.

Beyond developing your extra senses, you will also learn to use your intuition or direct knowledge. Intuition is not a mere hunch or a vague impression, it is a very precise sense when refined. You will learn to make a precise, focused and confident sense of it to guide your sessions effectively.

A real connection to the subtle world

Naturally, the development of your extra-sensory perceptions and your intuition will predispose you to the opening of your energy channel and will obviously facilitate your access to the subtle world. You will be able to offer not only a perfectly unique listening to your patients / clients by allowing them to have access to the depth of their history, that of their lineage, their unconscious structural diagrams and their personal truths but also you will be able to them. provide powerful energy support by helping them to release energy bundles and nodes and thought forms that have become unnecessary or too heavy for them.
By accessing the subtle worlds, you will also be able to take into account the other dimensions recognized today by science and all the possibilities which result from them.

Full presence and energetic power

To be able to use forcefully this wonderful psycho-energetic technique that is Intuitive ETI® Therapy, it is important to have a real presence and a certain energetic power yourself.

During your training, you will be given certain meditation, yoga and inner journey tools to allow you to develop your energetic power easily.

The continuous work on oneself will also make it possible to find your true presence, to bring back to your center all the “little bits” of yourself scattered by the traumas and painful events of your life.

You will thus find your true identity and you will be fully there.

A personal transformation with personalized follow-up

Training is inseparable from a powerful and liberating personal transformation. Each day, you will be able to enjoy inner advancements that will not only give you back your freedom but also your fullness and your joy.

All this transformation will be accomplished with a personalized and unique follow-up to each one that you will not find in any other training (this is what ETI trainees accustomed to following training courses are used to saying).

It is not uncommon, even very common, for people to arrive with a certain face and leave with another, even more beautiful and luminous. Inner transformation is guaranteed.

Live an essentially practical learning

The helping relationship is a whole job and requires solid training. It is not possible, in our opinion, not to practice in order to learn. Certain knowledge can, of course, be acquired by correspondence or online courses, but without practice there can be no well-trained therapist. This is why a large part of the training is left to practice, in pairs, in trinomials when there is a need for an observer, in group and solo (to the Master-Practitioner only for this money).

Practice, practice, practice, this is the key. A muscle or a talent cannot develop without being practiced. It is the same with intuition and inner capacities: you cannot develop them if you do not use them. Also, it is because there will be a specific goal for this practice that it will make sense for you to develop your skills.

The practice therefore has two essential goals:
– allow you to immediately confront yourself with listening to a patient / client, his support and the help you can give him and put yourself in a professional situation to learn your profession as well as possible.
– allow you to develop the main tools of Intuitive ETI® Therapy, which are real intuition and extra-sensory capacities.

Evolution supported by the strength of the group

In the formations, the framework and the intention are naturally set so that the strength of the group supports the evolution of each individual. Benevolence, non-judgment, transparency and cohesion are the fundamental ingredients that make the atmosphere ideal for opening up to the wonders that reside within you.

The warmth of the group offers a unique dimension to training: personal development and collective development are intimately linked, creating a unique synergy, a powerful alchemy making this adventure even more intense.

With the group and through the group, you will receive crucial support for your own transformation.

En vous formant à la Thérapie Intuitive ETI®, vous acquerrez du savoir et des connaissances pratiques faisant de vous un thérapeute extraordinaire. Vous initierez des transformations personnelles intenses et merveilleuses marquant le début d’une nouvelle vie.

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