Intuitive Therapy ETI®

Much more than a technique, an extraordinary opening to serve transformation

ETI® Intuitive Therapy is an avant-garde psycho-energetic therapeutic technique that relies on the informational field (psychological, emotional, mental, physiological, physical) of the person.

In this sense, it is a holistic therapy that takes into account the whole person.

Whether you are already a therapist, a wellness practitioner, or in the medical profession, or whether you wish to acquire these coaching skills and make them your profession, ETI® Intuitive Therapy will give you the essential keys to become a catalyst for extraordinary transformation.

ETI® Intuitive Therapy is more than just a technique, it is art and a comprehensive approach to change and inner healing. Its wonderful effectiveness is based on a deep understanding of transformation.

Rather than using generic protocols or fixed techniques, ETI® Intuitive Therapy allows each person to be accompanied in a unique and most appropriate way.

Indeed, thanks to the tools of ETI® Intuitive Therapy, you will always be able to have the best solution for your patient/client because you will know how to read his or her unique inner map and this will give you access to all the essential keys for a lasting and profound transformation.

Intuitive Therapy is about:

You Are Unique

Each person is unique, each experience is unique and requires a unique solution. No more protocols and ready-made recipes. Now propose a totally customizable evolution approach, based on the person himself, to offer him the best possible results.

The Satisfaction of Transformation

This ultra-brief therapy allows you to get straight to the point. Its remarkable effectiveness often leads to significant results in just one session.

Intuition at the Heart of Change

It is no longer the mind and the intellect that are taking over! Your sessions will be guided by the power of consciousness, heart and intuition, to guarantee extraordinary transformations.

Everything is Possible

Is there a goal that is important to you or the people you accompany? ETI® Intuitive Therapy can give you the best chance to fully realize this. Absolutely any goal can be addressed, whether it be physical ailments, emotional conflicts, relationship problems, or blockages in any area of life.

Dynamism & Fun

The passion of being at the service of the other will replace the boredom and routine of the protocols. Each session will be unique, intense and profound. The exceptionally human nature of your sessions will give you and your patients/clients pleasure and fulfillment.

The ETI® Intuitive Therapist

Cécile Calichon, founder of ETI®.

The Intuitive Therapist offers his patient/client the opportunity to evolve in depth on the goals that are important to him.

Whether it is the resolution of inner or outer, physical, emotional or psychological conflicts or the desire to achieve a personal goal, the intuitive therapist will accompany the patient to find the inner blocks that oppose them.

Thanks to his genuine listening skills, his therapeutic empathy and his intuitive skills developed during his training, he will be able to read the person’s informational field in depth and offer him an extremely effective personal transformation, because it is totally customized.

The ETI® Intuitive Therapist is committed to working according to an established code of ethics that ensures true professionalism in the helping professions. He thus offers his patient/client a space of security, trust, non-judgment and benevolence that allows a true opening to change.

ETI essential values

Know-How and Ethics of the Therapist

The practical and applied understanding of the process of therapeutic transformation, coupled with quality therapeutic ethics, to be an extraordinary therapist.

Inner opening

An essential connection to oneself and to others. Develop a force of love and kindness that supports the accompaniment. Open your intuition and inner senses, to become a powerful channel for change.

Personal Transformation

As you are the active heart of change, the more you evolve internally, the more you heal your wounds and are free of your inner conflicts, and the more you become an effective therapist.

ETI® Intuitive Therapy

for an Extraordinary Life

Becoming an ETI® Intuitive Therapist: a deeply transformative adventure

The ETI® Intuitive Therapy trainings offer you the opportunity to become a dynamic actor of change. The training cycles offer an in-depth learning of the art of being an effective, ethical and caring therapist.

Through training:

– You will develop your intuition and inner awareness in a concrete way that allows a deep connection to the other (and to yourself).
– You will learn the practical science of counselling, psychotherapy (psychopractice).
– You will be able to accompany the other towards a lasting and true inner transformation.
– You will develop the qualities of being essential to the helping profession.
– You will acquire a deep knowledge of the subtle and invisible dimension of life.
– You will develop yourextra-sensory abilities in the service of your happiness and that of others.
– You will move your life forward in an amazing way, freeing yourself from your own wounds, inner conflicts and emotional blockages during the practical Intuitive Therapy ETI® exchanges conducted in the course.
– You will develop a formidable capacity to take care of others (accompaniment, listening, non-judgment, benevolence, therapeutic tools).
– You will inherit a quality therapeutic ethicto ensure consultations in the best possible setting.

ETI’s trainings, in terms of tools, openings and transformations, are practice-oriented.
Our goal and commitment is for you to become the best therapist you can be.

Discover Intuitive Therapy in video

ETI Trainings have transformed their lives!

An INCREDIBLE training!!!

This training is much more than a therapeutic tool, it allows us to transform ourselves from the inside and therefore to be able to accompany better (with even more love and kindness).
I had a lot of expectations before starting this training and I came out of it with the satisfaction of having found much more than I expected.


This school is a BLESSING!

When I signed up for the Intuitive Therapist training I never thought I would experience such a transformation.
I am so grateful to Cecile and my group for the wonderful sharing and caring.
We released our blocks to become better therapists.
This training is a revelation because you will be doing treatments every day, learning a multitude of techniques, letting go … and so many other things that I let you discover. I can only recommend this training.

This training is a marvel for oneself even before it is for others. ❤️


How to find the words to describe the indescribable.

How not to explode with gratitude in front of a training which is at the same time a lesson of life, a teaching of great quality and a return to the essential.
I wish everyone to give themselves a chance as beautiful as the one I gave myself by participating in this training.
I was also lucky enough to be in a wonderful and generous group, which increased the effects tenfold.
Thank you Cécile for your sincerity and your rare honesty.


Intuitive Therapy: A Human Adventure

ETI's trainings are above all a human adventure, which will allow you to reconnect with yourself as well as with others. The group dimension gives the courses a unique and wonderful synergy, making your adventure even more intense and transformative.

School of Intuitive Therapy


The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy: unique trainings

Over the past 7 years, ETI has enabled several hundred people to become extraordinary therapists.

The school’s raison d’être is to enable all those who wish to do so to become extraordinary therapists, capable of helping everyone to rediscover their potential for life, health, well-being and fulfillment that lies within.

Although offering to open up to uncommon capacities and potentials, the trainings are meant to be complete and serious, always remaining focused on effective practice, deontology and respect.
Our school is committed to training capable, professional and committed therapists.

The satisfaction and the success of the people trained push the school to develop more and more to train new therapists.

It is already active in France and abroad (France, Switzerland, Russia, New Caledonia, Reunion, Spain, Canada, and soon in English-speaking countries such as GB, Australia, and the US).

The ETI® training courses

ETI® Intuitive Therapy PsychoPractitioner

Become an Intuitive Therapy PsychoPractitioner. Modular 3-year training

ETI® Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy

Become a Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, 1 year modular training

Customizable modules

Choose to do the Intuitive Therapy ETI® trainings and modules as you wish and at your own pace

Upcoming ETI Trainings

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Join the adventure to become an Intuitive Therapist

Maître praticien(ne)s de la formation de l'Ecole Thérapie Intuitive - ETI

An intuitive therapy consultation is not a substitute for medical advice.