History of the ETI

We are in 2012, Cécile Calichon has been serving others for 9 years and has been practicing full time in a practice for 4 years. Cécile is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, biological decoding practitioner, trained in energetic osteopathy and in a large number of healing techniques. These are the techniques she uses in her sessions.

During a session with one of her patients, she received an irresistible inner invitation to experiment a new way of working. She then received, through channeling, the technique that she would later name Intuitive Therapy.
On the inner directives she hears, she proposes to her patient to come and lie down on the osteo treatment table and puts her hand on him. Instantly, she has access to numerous images expressing life stories and conveying a great deal of information about the patient. Information about him, his family, his ancestors… Information that he will validate.
This process is then accompanied by great waves of energy and she feels the blockages dissolve as they are revealed to the patient’s consciousness. 
The intuitive knowledge, simple and direct, guides the session.

This is how Intuitive Therapy was born.

Obtaining astonishing results with this simple tool, she decided to use it exclusively.

Intuitive Therapy

Intuitive Therapy is much more than a technique, it is a transformative approach based on direct knowledge known as intuitive, and completely transparent communication with the patient / client. It breaks free from any generalist protocol, to offer people a response to their uniqueness, in a simple, direct and effective way, and powerful and lasting transformations.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy was born just one year later, following numerous requests from people who were happily experimenting with the technique on themselves and with the desire to share this wonderful technique with as many people as possible.

The very first opened training begins with two workshops that open the psychic capacities of the participants in order to offer a therapeutic care. The idea is to propose to everyone to find their own technique. Unfortunately, Cécile quickly realized that an uninformed public could not properly provide therapeutic care and that people did not really open up to their personal technique but rather to something disorganized, unstructured and without the responsibility linked to the demands of this profession.

Indeed, it is after a long journey of self-examination, many trainings over several years, a long professional experience as a psychotherapist and a journey of inner exploration and advanced healing that Cecile Calichon received this method. Perhaps not everyone is ready to receive his or her own technique…

Coming from the very ethical field of psychotherapy (today called psychopractice), Cecile Calichon has at heart to offer quality trainings that can allow those who wish to do so to practice a therapeutic profession with seriousness and without ambiguity. Therefore, it is important for her to structure the training within a more deontological framework. This is how the School of Intuitive Therapy ETI was born.

The project of this school is now for Cécile Calichon to train people who wish to become therapists, psychotherapists (psychopraticians) or coaches in her technique, which she calls Intuitive Therapy. Indeed, and this is now part of the deontology of the ETI® Intuitive Therapy practitioner, it is not useful, nor timely, to open up our subtle abilities without a higher purpose behind it, or without putting our developed gifts at the service of a noble cause.

The school defines a serious and advanced 3-year program for those who want to become an ETI® Intuitive Psychopractioner (ETI® Intuitive Relational Psychotherapy Practitioner).

It offers a shorter but equally serious 1-year Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy ETI® program for those wishing to practice as an Intuitive Therapist, with the possibility of additional à la carte modules.

In 2021, it will also offer a Coaching specialization, open after the Master Practitioner, for those wishing to practice as an Intuitive Coach.

In 2021, ETI is also preparing to open a specialization in naturopathy to its certified therapists to enable them to become true holistic therapists, coaches and/or psychopractors, i.e. encompassing the whole being.  Depending on the demand, the school could later open up to an advanced training in naturopathy that meets the demanding criteria of the FENAHMAN and includes the particularity of the ETI® Intuitive Therapist.

Intuitive Therapy and ETI® Intuitive Therapy are now registered trademarks in the name of Cécile Calichon. The therapeutic method is also registered under the name of ETI® Method.

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