Who are we ?

Welcome to the ETI School of Intuitive Therapy.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy is a training center* for extraordinary therapists.

We are a team of passionate and committed teachers in the service of therapy and therapist training.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy exists to help you unleash your inner potential to become the best therapist you can be.

Within your inner self is a wonderful potential that is waiting to grow and express itself, and then share it.

There is nothing more wonderful than to be able to offer others the possibility to grow internally, to free themselves and to blossom. This is the goal of every therapist, and this is the goal of our school. 

Being a therapist is the art and science of serving the well-being and emotional healing of people, with all of your heart and with unfailing kindness.

Cécile CalichonFounder of ETI

Join the adventure to become an Intuitive Therapist