ETI® Intuitive Therapy Psychopractitioner Course

The PsychoPractitioner is a three-year program that allows you to become a professional therapist with an expert practice of ETI® Intuitive Therapy.

PsychoPractitioner Course - PP

in ETI® Intuitive Therapy

Main Seminars:

Face-to-face only

Intuitive Therapy Practitioner 1

Face-to-face course - 12 days - 96 hours of training
Prerequisite: 18 years old + have completed an ETI® Intuitive Therapy session

This seminar will offer you the essential bases to become an ETI® Intuitive Therapist. At the end of it, you will be able to offer Intuitive Therapy sessions in a professional setting.

Intuitive Therapy Practitioner 2

Face-to-face course - 6 days - 50 hours of training
Prerequisite: Practitioner 1

In the continuity of Practitioner 1, Practitioner 2 will teach you advanced techniques of Intuitive Therapy to perfect your skills already acquired and will also allow you to lead therapeutic groups.

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy

Residential course - 10 days + 2 days - 108 hours of training
Prerequisite: Practitioner 2 + Law of attraction module + see brochure

In this seminar, you will continue to develop your skills in Intuitive Therapy, in particular by learning new fields of exploration and application. You will become even more precise and efficient in your practice.

Face-to-face modules:

The following modules are accessible to people who have completed and validated the Intuitive Therapy Practitioner 1 training.

Law of attraction & quantum physics

4 days - 32 hours of training.

This module allows you to understand and integrate the view of the quantum and informational world and the nature of energetic reality. It also offers you the keys to success in your projects and the competence to help your patients achieve their goals.

Hypnosis & Intuitive Hypnosis

5 days - 40 hours of training

This module allows you to discover Ericksonian hypnosis and Humanistic hypnosis and then to bridge the gap with Intuitive hypnosis. It will greatly enhance your therapeutic communication.

Teeth, conflicts, memories, patterns

4 days - 32 hours of training

This module allows you to open the incredible therapeutic field offered by our teeth. Indeed, in our teeth lies the whole history of our psychological and physical construction. You will be able to release many patterns through this.

Death and its accompaniment

4 days - 32 hours of training

This module opens the doors to your own relationship with death. It also gives you the skills to accompany people in mourning and at the end of life. You will know how to free what is called, in therapy, the recumbants.


4 days - 32 hours of training

With this module, you will learn how to use Intuitive Therapy to help our animal friends and their “owners”. In fact, these beings, just like us, are living very “human” stories and we can really accompany them towards a better well-being.

Energetic anatomy and kundalini

4 days - 32 hours of training

In this module, you will learn about the energetic anatomy and the various possibilities available to the human being from this point of view. Through the practice of exercises, you will know how to solicit and amplify your vital, creative and therapeutic energy, your inner fire.

Reading and interpretation of the subtle bodies

5 days - 40 hours of training

In Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine, a great deal of attention is paid to the subtle bodies. In this module, you will learn how to read them properly (aura reading) to establish your therapeutic effectiveness.

Dream and reality

5 days + evening - + 40 hours of training

The dream is the first therapeutic tool: it opens the doors of our unconscious. In this module, you will learn how to use your dreams to understand and decode your unconscious structures. You will also learn to direct your dreams (lucid dreaming) for therapeutic nights, which will open a door to astral travel.

Nature and its dimensions

4 days - 32 hours of training

In the traditions of primitive peoples, nature holds an essential place, for therapeutic remedies and also for the symbiosis with life in all its dimensions. In this module you will learn how to develop your connection with nature and how to gather all the resources that come from it.

Online Modules:


32 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

This online course module will allow you to know all that is necessary to establish yourself serenely as a therapist.


80 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

Indispensable to careers in the helping relationship, psychopathology answers the essential questions encountered on a daily basis by the practitioner-therapist and the psychopractor.

Sexology & sex therapy

40 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

Sexology and sex therapy helps the practitioner-therapist and the psychopractor to obtain skills in this area to better support his patients .

The 5 personality structures

32 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

Synthesis of knowledge on the functioning of the human being based on the mechanisms of consciousness and in particular on the dynamics of the unconscious.


32 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

This course provides you with knowledge about the various addictions, the problems that arise from them as well as the possible psychological and psychopathological origins.

Couples and couples therapy

40 hours of online training
Prerequisite: Practitioner 1

Couples Therapy in Intuitive Therapy is very effective, one of the few that works instantly. Indispensable for the practitioner-therapist and psychopractor to support couples successfully. This module is done one last time in person from June 29 to July 2, 2020 (limited places).

Child and adolescent psychology and psychopathology

36 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

Child psychopathology provides the practitioner-therapist and psychopractor with essential skills to support parents and children.

Heal your inner child

38 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

In each of us lies a wounded child who calls for help. This module offers you to reconnect and heal your inner child. Necessary for any good practitioner in helping relationship.

Anatomy - physiology - pathologies

80 hours of online training
Prerequisite: for all

This module provides you with the knowledge necessary to understand the human body and its possible pathologies.


Law of attraction & quantum physics

32 hours of online training
This module is online in the psychopractitioner and master-practitioner only for residents outside metropolitan France or for those who have already done the module in person and wish to do it again online (preferential rate to be requested in the latter case). It is also open to all non-members of the school.

This module allows you to understand and integrate the view of the quantum and informational world and the nature of energy reality. It also offers you the keys to success in your projects and the competence to help your patients achieve their goals.

Condition of validation of the Psychopratician curriculum

To guarantee quality training and so that the ETI® Intuitive Therapist course is recognized by the unions of practitioners in helping relationship, including the SNPPSY (The National Union of Practitioners in Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis), the ETI is strives to meet the requirements they advocate.

To validate the ETI® Intuitive Therapy Psychopractor level, the following conditions must be met:

  • Validate all seminars, face-to-face modules and online courses (end-of-module evaluation, MCQ, continuous evaluation)
  • Be present at all hours of face-to-face lessons or commit to catching up with them on other dates.
  • 50 hours of personal therapy with a practitioner of one's choice (36 hours mandatory in IT with an ETI certified practitioner + 14 hours with a recognized psychotherapeutic technique)
  • Thesis to be submitted and/or presented on a subject of your choice at the end of the program (possibility of choosing the subject from the first year)
  • Commit to regular supervision by the School in order to challenge oneself, be supported by other practitioners and ensure the ongoing quality of one's practice
  • Be sober from all drugs and alcohol for at least 6 months.

ETI® Intuitive Therapy PsychoPractitioner Course:

1008 hours of training

566 hours of classroom training + approximately 442 hours of online courses

Strong therapeutic skills

You will acquire comprehensive knowledge, skills and attitudes that will make you an outstanding therapist. You will be recognized by other members of the profession.

Modular course over time

The Psychopractitioner program lasts 3 years. You are free to do it over a shorter or slightly longer period. You can book your face-to-face seminars as you go.

ETI® Intuitive Therapy PsychoPractitioner Certification Training

You become a recognized psychopractor in Intuitive Therapy ETI®. The value of your training and certification could be appreciated by the profession's unions. The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy strives to offer training that meets the requirements of these.

Private support group

You will be able to join the private facebook group of support between intuitive therapists reserved only for trainees who are following or have followed the PsychoPratician course and for those who have benefited from the personalized follow-up for the installation of their practice.

2 individual sessions offered

You will be able to benefit from two free one-hour individual sessions in Intuitive ETI® Therapy with Cécile Calichon, the founder. These sessions can be booked at the beginning of the course.

Privilege module

An additional privileged online module reserved only for the PsychoPractitioner program (and not available à la carte) that will offer you many personal keys to evolution.

Payment facilities possible

12 620 € : payment by SEPA transfer or cb - payment by year (650 € at registration then 3990 €/year) - or payment by month (1856 € at registration then 299 €/month) by sepa direct debit or cb - The deposit of 1856€ can be paid in 2 times

Advantageous prices for a full course

Choosing the PsychoPractitioner curriculum rather than the a la carte modules allows you to save 2050 € (1200 € difference with the a la carte + 360 € of free sessions + 490 € of free privilege module)

Skills you will learn in your first internship:

  • Accompanying and helping people in a therapeutic manner in a professional capacity
  • Practice active listening and know how to listen to the other person in a benevolent and non-judgmental way
  • Knowing how to change unconscious and emotional structures in a patient
  • Read, listen and understand, for therapeutic purposes, the informational field, the emotional memory and the unconscious of your patients through the development of your senses and subtle abilities
  • Access direct and intuitive knowledge to accurately help your patients
  • Knowing, connecting and working with healing guides according to ancestral methods
  • Understand the therapeutic field of psychopractice/psychotherapy and its ethics

You will also be able to:

  • Evolve in your own unconscious and emotional structures and thus increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, your well-being, your mental clarity, and many other benefits
  • To live many practical experiences of real therapeutic situations
  • Obtain as a therapist a personalized follow-up and a precise correction of your practice
  • Experience guided journeys of inner transformation in order to develop your therapeutic skills
  • Learn to recharge your batteries, manage your stress and regain your clarity with meditation, mindfulness, letting go and zero mindset, which are now recognized tools in the medical field
  • Experiment with advanced techniques to develop your energetic charisma and psychic strength necessary to practice as an intuitive therapist
  • Release your limiting beliefs, fear patterns and unconscious structures so that you can practice your profession with joy and well-being
  • Start learning about energetic anatomy and physical anatomy