Our commitment

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy serves the individual, his or her development and well-being. It is also dedicated to the professional training of caregivers.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy aims to provide quality training that will enable you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to practice as a health care practitioner.

By accompanying you on this path of personal development, it allows you to find the fulfillment necessary for any therapist, but also to become competent to help others to fulfill themselves as well.

To become a therapist is to be at service. To be at the service of life, of the human being, of the potential and dreams that lie dormant in every human being. It is to be at the service of joy, fulfillment and well-being of people.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy wishes to help each candidate develop his or her potential and abilities in the service of a noble cause: the helping relationship and therapeutic support.

ETI at the service of transformation

Being a therapist is not a profession that can be improvised.

It is not enough to have an exceptional technique to be a good therapist.

Many abuses and errors can be due to negligence and lack of understanding of key principles of human beings and mechanisms of inner transformation.

Being a therapist is an honor and a pleasure, but it is also a responsibility that deserves quality training.

Therapy and psychopractice (psychotherapy) is a science and an art that must be developed with seriousness and commitment.

The ETI® school of intuitive therapy is committed to providing quality training that will allow you to become a high-level practicing therapist.

The training must meet the expectations of the unions of psychotherapists.

The three core values of the ETI

Inner openness

Inner openness is central to the training of a good intuitive therapist.

Indeed, by reconnecting to ourselves, we can rediscover our own potential, our essential capacities, joy and fulfillment. The more open and fulfilled we are, the more authentically and effectively we can serve others.

This is why it is so important to rediscover this precious connection with oneself and one’s own happiness.

Know-how and ethics of the therapist

To be a therapist is to understand the mechanism of transformation and to integrate it into one’s practice in order to be able to offer it to others. It is to understand the holistic vision of the human being, which integrates all the dimensions of what he is (physical, energetic, emotional…).

The ETI® intuitive therapist develops his auditory, visual and kinesthetic extra-sensory abilities which allow him to understand the informational and psycho-emotional fields of the person.

To become a professional and committed therapist, the training helps you develop the qualities of a true therapist: open-mindedness, listening, benevolence, non-judgment, sufficient knowledge to understand the human psyche, commitment, etc.

The ethics and deontology of the ETI® Intuitive Therapist offer the certified an optimal practice framework to ensure the best possible sessions.

personal transformation

The ETI® Intuitive Therapist is a catalyst for change for others.

It follows from this fact that the more he works on his own structures, wounds and blockages, the more he becomes free and can in turn help others.

Becoming an ETI® intuitive therapist also means embarking on a path of personal transformation. This path will bring you more freedom, happiness and fulfillment and will allow you to be available to be in turn a wonderful support for others.

ETI® intuitive therapy trainings offer an in-depth transformation of who you are to become happier and more fulfilled.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy wants to offer you a high quality curriculum that will allow you to become the best therapist you can be so that you can in turn offer the best possible therapy to your patients/clients.

The skills developed at the school are not for curiosity or personal use. They constitute a fabulous potential that must be put to use in a noble and committed cause: service to others.

The ETI® School of Intuitive Therapy is committed to accompanying you in the development of this marvelous potential that is within you and to transmitting to you the essential elements to become a genius therapist.

The goal is simple: for you to become an exceptional therapist!

Join the adventure, become an ETI intuitive therapist!