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Ecole Thérapie Intuitive - ETI

Cécile Calichon

Founder of the ETI. Psycho-practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Lawyer, Speaker.

Psychopractitioner for 12 years (former psychotherapist, the title having been withdrawn in 2012), in personal care for 19 years.
A former lawyer with a degree from the Faculty of Private Law in Grenoble (Master’s degree), she has always been interested in all forms of psychological, energetic and physiological therapies.
Her spiritual path, which she has been following since she was 17 years old, has led her to live many inner experiences and awakenings, which opened the doors to the subtle worlds and, 7 years ago, to Intuitive Therapy.

At the age of 21, she knew that she would like more than anything to take care of others, their health and their happiness. She then became interested in all forms of therapies that she tested on herself: psy-therapies (sophro, hypnosis, bio-decoding, inner child therapy, etc.), energetic therapies (osteopathy, micro-physiotherapy, magnetism, acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, emf, essenian care, shamanic care, etc.), biotherapies (the wide range of naturopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, bach elixirs, deva, korte, etc.) and nutrition (vegetarianism, vegetarianism).), biotherapies (the wide range of naturopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, bach elixirs, deva, korte, etc.) and nutrition (vegetarianism, veganism, fasting, cures and mono diets, living food, raw food).

She decided to train for several years in parallel to her work and to do in-depth therapeutic work on herself until she opened her psychotherapy practice.
Her courses extend to Manual Therapy (Poyet Method) (4 years), Biodecoding (3 years), Humanistic Hypnosis (Master Practitioner – IFHE), Essenian Care (3 years), Reiki (Master Reiki), kinesiology (Touch for Health and Brain Gym modules – IFKA), shamanism (5 years – FSS), yoga (initiated to Kriya Yoga by Yogi Sarveshwarananda Giri), meditation (30 years of practice), naturopathy (in training). Passionate about art, she also spent 5 years at the Beaux-Arts in evening classes to explore various techniques (sculpture, drawing, painting). She is also a photographer and has exhibited in a gallery in Brussels in 2009.

Also an author (Voyage Lyrique (poetry), 27 mai (novel), Magnitude (screenplay), Les Cent Papiers (collective – poetry), An 2000 chemins (collective – poetry), Voix de Femmes (collective – poetry), she is currently preparing a book on Intuitive Therapy and the Law of Attraction.

In the teaching of Intuitive Therapy, she has gained an international reputation. Today she teaches Intuitive Therapy in France and abroad (Russia, Canada, Spain, New Caledonia, Reunion Island (and in project: Australia, England, USA).

She continues to consult in individual sessions at her office and by skype. You can find her on her personal website

Isis Chabut

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training). Practitioner in Hypnosis, EMDR, La Trame, P.B.A

With an atypical life path, Isis took her first steps on the deck of a boat. 
As a child, it was a journey of several years on all the seas of the world that would influence her and give her, even as a child, a taste for adventure and discovery.
Over the years, her curiosity and thirst for learning will continue to grow through her various experiences.

Later, as a student in the city of Toulouse, she started with a preparation in the field of applied arts and then joined a school of computer graphics from which she graduated with a specialization in Web-design.

Afterwards, feeling the need to discover something else, she left to settle in New Caledonia.
It is then that she will radically change her professional sector to become an autonomous itinerant trader, which will lead her to live magnificent experiences in different tribes that will enrich her relationship with people.

After 3 years of experience far from the city, she decided to return to the capital with the opportunity to join a large distribution company. 
With a diligent temperament and being more than motivated by this new challenge, she evolved during 2 years from a sales position to a management position.
Affiliated to this new experience in the international trade environment, she will continue to learn and flourish in her new professional objectives.

But in this world where stress and pressure take a huge place, she will start to feel forms of oppression that will lead her to a deep malaise.
She realized that she did not belong there, that her values had faded with time in favor of the race against time that is the international business world.
She had forgotten herself to the detriment of her own health and her intimate convictions.

It is during a session in P.B.A. that she will have this click and will feel how much the proximity and the help to the person hold in her heart.
Here begins the first day of the rest of her life…
Multiple synchronicities will lead her on her way and will quickly direct her towards a training in pscho-bio-accupressure. 

The train on the road, passionate, she will open a practice where she will practice her knowledge with a lot of attention and benevolence.
A few years of consultations later, she decided to return to France in order to deepen her knowledge by training in methods such as La Trame, Hypnosis, EMDR and Intuitive Therapy.

Intuitive Therapy, she says, was a real revelation, bringing her a dimension she had never known before. 
Where methods are very protocol and limiting, she will finally find the freedom of an intuitive method without limits in which she will be able to live a real fulfillment.


Today you can find her on her website :
You can meet her in Bordeaux where she practices in her office or by video consultation.


Catherine Chavasse

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training). Shamanic practitioner, Life coach.

After more than 10 years of therapy, Catherine Chavasse naturally turned to Intuitive Therapy and the care of others. Beginning her training in 2015, she soon opened her consulting practice and graduated as a Master Practitioner in 2018 in the Philippines.

Mother of three children, Catherine is also the creator of several businesses in collaboration with her husband. She has also traveled the world for several years and worked in Australia and Canada.

Always wanting to improve herself, to learn even more and to better pass on her knowledge, she continues to regularly attend different courses and modules in Intuitive Therapy but also in well-being and personal development.
In particular, she has followed for several years the FSS shamanism courses with Laurent Huguelit.
This constant journey allows her to expand her knowledge, both professionally and personally.

She will say: “During my inner journey in therapy, everything I had ever known, everything I had ever been taught was falling apart as I came out of denial. It wasn’t always easy but it allowed me to readjust and really build the life I wanted. Today I can say that I have re-educated myself, I have learned what true love is, true caring and many other beautiful things. People should know that it is really possible to change and that it can be done easily. That their unhappiness can be transformed into well being. And that they too, can connect and use their intuition in the service of a profession.”

She continues to work on her constantly. The brain and its mechanisms have always fascinated her.

It was through learning Intuitive Therapy,” she says, “that I finally got the answers to the questions I had. It was through learning Intuitive Therapy that I finally got the answers to the questions I had been asking myself, such as how I felt when I was around certain people, or why I was feeling anger when there was no need for it. I discovered that I had abilities to sense other people’s emotions, that I was an ’emotional telepath’.”

You can find her on her website:

Nicolas Démarais

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training), Ayurvedic massage, violin maker.

Born in Germany to a Franco-German couple, Nicolas was from birth immersed in an environment open to spirituality, art, culture, and music in particular. He learned to play the violin at the age of 6, which gave him, as a teenager, the desire to discover the object-violin, as a source of sound.

He then trained as a violin maker, “Métier d’Art”. Multiple skills were needed, and exciting. First of all, the development of sensitivity to the material, to its quality, and to the best way to organize it for an optimal result in terms of sound. Then, to integrate this into the professional world, the organization of work schedules, the relationship with musician clients, the legal framework, but also musical acoustics, the chemistry of varnishes, etc… For nearly ten years, he has been particularly involved in understanding the vibratory functioning of the violin object. In connection with the University of Maine, he attended training courses, and was involved in a small research project.

As a company director since 2001, having had several employees, the role of actor in the commercial world no longer really satisfies him. He no longer feels internally nourished by his job, too absorbed by the urgency of daily life, by the administrative red tape, by the wear and tear of everyday life.

In 2015, he met Intuitive Therapy and Cecile Calichon; immediately revitalized by this approach, he began training right away. There followed a great period of self-discovery, through meetings and trainings around the being: Ayurvedic Abhyanga massages, awakening work, tantra, dance and spontaneous movements, approach of energy work.

In addition to his work as a violin maker, he practices Intuitive Therapy® remotely or in his cabinet.

The qualities developed in his first job, listening, sensitivity, patience, attention to detail, find their full potential here, in the relationship with the other.

Intuitive Therapy® remains central to his journey, and Nicolas graduated as a Master Practitioner in 2018 in the Philippines. He continues to train regularly with Cécile Calichon and will join the ETI® teachers’ school in 2020.

He continues to explore consciousness and life, through writing, clowning and theater…

This new project allows him to live a love that he has always had: to transmit, to teach, to accompany.

“To teach is to hold up a mirror that allows the other person to know himself, to recognize himself.” (ND)

Theo Gilbin

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training) Musician, author, composer, cabinetmaker

Sensitive to energies since birth, Theo Gilbin has always been attracted to healing and things that cannot be seen with the eyes.

Having learned music at a very young age, he developed his sensitivity through sound from the age of 6. He then found in the guitar what he really needed: self-expression.

And also through wood, a material that has always fascinated him, during his vacations in the mountains, in the forest, listening.
“I’m going to be a guitar maker” he said to his parents at the age of 7. He wanted to make things sound, to make beautiful things resonate.

Leaving for a cabinetmaking degree in Paris, his emotional distress led him to turn to well-being and self-respect. For a long time, he helped people to arrange their interior but without ever really taking himself into account.

His first step towards wellness was a change of diet by becoming vegan. It was time for him to do something concrete for our planet, and for all its inhabitants.

Something that made sense, more sense to him than making furniture. He really needed to feel committed to something useful.

He then met the right people, who led him straight to Cécile Calichon’s School of Intuitive Therapy ETI®.

He trained in Intuitive Therapy in 2015 until graduating as a Master Practitioner in 2019 in Hawaii. He developed his subtle senses, his intuition and his empathy, which allows him to be deeply in touch with each person. He continues to train in the PsychoPractitioner program.

In addition to Intuitive Therapy, poetry (haikus), travels (hitchhiking around the world through the Balkans and East Asia) and his passion for the respect of nature (permaculture) allow him to know himself even more and to enrich his vision of the world.

In accordance with his passions and values, he continues to accompany in individual sessions beings in their evolution and in the expression of their best potential.

He continues to cherish his wildest dreams day after day, because he knows that anything is possible!

You can find him on his website:

Florence Pham-Ruellet

Intuitive Therapy Practitioner, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training). Naturopathic health practitioner, Master of International Commerce from the University of Sydney, Bachelor of Business from the Holmes Institute, Sydney.

Born in New Caledonia, Florence Pham spent her entire childhood on this magnificent island.

At the age of 18, she left to study in Australia, where she obtained a master’s degree in International Business at the prestigious University of Sydney.

After ten years of work in the field of international trade, for large groups such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola or Diageo, she blossomed and grew professionally in this environment. She learns about herself in a setting where numbers are more important than anything else.

In this search for recognition, perfectionism and professionalism, she also learns to know her limits. Limits that she unfortunately exceeds too often and that lead her to a pre-burn-out. She then realizes that this gradually takes her away from her essential, her well-being. This life is no longer the one she wants.

At the age of 32, she made a 360° turn and studied Naturopathy. Her aim is to better understand the functioning of her body, of the human body in general on the physiological and metabolic level in order to heal herself through Nature.

Graduate of the Euro Nature School (Member of the FENA – Federation of Naturopathy Schools). She comes out of this school enriched in meetings, in knowledge and in personal development.

She then discovered Intuitive Therapy, an exceptional method that allows her to go even further in her care, to accompany her clients in the liberation of their blockages so that they can make their lives more beautiful.

“This training,” she will say, “was for me the key to opening up to an extraordinary universe, which I am passionate about, a universe where anything is possible. Accompanying others on the path to their well-being is for me a commitment of the heart.”

Today, she receives patients in her office or by visio-consultation.

She will be in charge of the Pacific area (New Caledonia, Polynesia, New Zealand) for the training in Intuitive Therapy. You can find her on her website:

Anne-Lise Prost

Intuitive Therapy Practitioner, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training). Doctor in molecular and cellular biology, herbalist, toxicologist, yoga teacher.

Anne-Lise studied pharmacy in Lyon with the aim of doing research and teaching. During her studies, she became interested in quantum physics, botany and physiology. She then started a research program in a CNRS laboratory and completed a thesis in molecular and cellular biology, while teaching. She then worked in several research laboratories studying the molecular and cellular aspects of diabetes and heart disease.
She is began to ask too many questions, including questioning the search for treatments without looking at the causes of the pathologies. It is at this time that the research loses its meaning for her.

Trained in herbalism, Bach flowers and other elixirs, ethnopharmacology, she has worked in the field of essential oils and has run an itinerant herbalist’s shop, offering natural care products and health advice in mountain villages. She then trained in toxicology, and specializes in the toxicology of essential oils and cosmetics. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and is currently completing her yoga teacher training. He is particularly interested in the therapeutic aspects of yoga. She has since trained in shamanism with Laurent Huguelit and the FSS.

She writes: “I met Cecile Calichon at a stormy moment in my life. She accompanied me in a way that was as benevolent as it was effective. The more she developed her intuitive approach, the more I found her guidance fascinating. Training in Intuitive Therapy seemed to me to be an obvious choice, as this approach provided an essential complement to the tools I was already using. The journey with intuitive therapy has allowed me to take great strides, to shed light on dark areas and to open myself to something bigger and more subtle at the same time.
The practice of shamanism completes this opening.”

On the blog, she shares information about natural health, through articles and online training. She likes to make the connection between the traditional uses of plants and the results of research studies. Her wish is that everyone learns to take care of themselves and fully reclaim their health and well-being.

Judith Rémy

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training). Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Cardiology and Medical Resuscitation, Master 2 in Physiopathology of the cell.

Judith Rémy has practiced conventional medicine for nearly 20 years, particularly in hospitals, trying to integrate more and more humanity.
In the course of her practice, she often wonders about the reason for illness, why for the same pathology some patients heal, others relapse or become chronic and finally others die.

After the birth of her children, she connected to a deeply hidden part of herself, her essence.
She understood that if a person is connected to their body, they know what is good for them.

She then chose to start a training in energetic osteopathy which, cutting her off from her mind, connected her to her senses.

She will say “In this context, the discovery of Intuitive Therapy was a gift to go further in the understanding of the body and what is at stake in health. I became aware of the infinite possibilities of the human being. I became convinced that illness has a meaning, that it helps us to discover who we are.

Judith is also passionate about quantum physics and all the bridges that can be made between conventional medicine, science and complementary medicine in order to bring a global answer to the disease.

After a personal journey, she has now decided to share this knowledge and help each person to make this path of inner transformation to be in touch with his presence and regain his power over his life, his health.
Judith will take care of our students from the medical field and from Switzerland and Canada for the Intuitive Therapy training.

Cyrielle Ottavy

Master Practitioner in Intuitive Therapy, PsychoPractitioner Teacher (in training), Naturopath trained at CENATHO and certified by the FENA, Practitioner of Wellness Massage. Graduate in Psychology from Grenoble Alpes University.

Having always been concerned with taking care of others, Cyrielle naturally went on to study biology and psychology. During this course, she experienced a number of realizations that led her to a quest for more naturalness. This search led her to discover naturopathy and she decided to train in it.
Perceiving the relationship between the body and the mind, she identified the importance of a holistic approach. The attention given to the psyche and in particular to the emotions is as important as that given to the physical body.

“During my naturopathic training and personal research, I understand the importance of addressing the cause… of the cause… of the problem, for a lasting result. This is what intuitive therapy achieves, which is what makes it so exceptionally effective. I can personally testify to extraordinary life changes thanks to intuitive therapy. “Passionate about well-being and personal development, she continues to train: with Marie-Josèphe Dreyer on Conscious Touch, with Arnaud Riou on communication, and many others.

“Intuitive therapy is a wonderfully effective technique for freeing oneself from ailments and achieving goals, and above all, to finally be fully oneself, luminous and in love.”

For the intuitive therapy training, she is responsible for Belgium and Luxembourg. You can find her on her website:

Carole Milliez

Master-Practitioner in ETI®️ Intuitive Therapy , Psycho Practitioner Teacher (in training), Yoga Teacher, Holistic Coach, Lyric Singer.

Passionate about people and the beauty of the world, Carole practices her multi-faceted profession with joy and humor, in Valence in the Drôme. 

Her first connection with the “subtle” world was through music, particularly lyrical singing, practiced in various vocal ensembles for over 15 years. Singing, as an experience of transcendence, of connection to the world: multiple stories in multiple languages and melodies from elsewhere, sung in a single breath. 

After long studies in Classics in Paris, and a career as a secondary school teacher, Carole discovered yoga and thus found a second gateway to the connection to oneself (and to others!). Falling in love with this discipline of life, she quickly chose to teach it and to train in Ayurveda – the traditional Indian medicine – in order to accompany her students and patients in the reconnection to their body and to their being. 

Her move to the Drôme, in 2014, made her discover an environment closer to her values, and allowed her to blossom professionally in Valence, developing little by little Reiki, Access Bars sessions, holistic coaching, Women’s Circles… (while becoming a mother, managing a participative kindergarten, and so on 😉 !)

It was while continuing to search for answers about herself, that she came across the intuitive therapy ETI®️. Blown away by this incredible technique that shakes up her life, with so much simplicity and evidence, she has only one idea in mind: to train herself in it! And here is launched her course of Psycho-practitioner, which comes to enrich the holistic accompaniment of her patients and which gives so much sense to her work and her life. 

Today, Carole is a teacher of ETI®️ Intuitive Therapy and will be in charge of the training courses in Spain, in order to spread this wonderful technique. 

Go to her website to discover all her activities and to take an appointment in face-to-face or in visio!


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